Diary of an Introvert


Some quick facts about me: I’m a simple girl. I’m the “master of silence”. I love simple things- funny, considering how deep and complex my mind is. You’ll never know what I’m thinking behind my eyes. I like being alone rather than being in a bad company. I have too much going for myself to settle for less. I prefer a small intimate circle of friends. A large group is a big no for me. No matter how rude you get to me, I always know how to keep it cool (and then make you regret everything you said).

All these personality traits prove that I’m an introvert.  Read more

A Sky Without Stars


I love the city.

Yeah, I do. I simply love it. When I see the Sun shining through the skyscrapers, with its yellow sunbeam cutting through the blue, and paints the sky like a gay canvas, I feel the city. When I see the people venturing into something new everyday, and working their way through the day in the immense quagmire of the world, I feel the city. And when the night becomes my kingdom, dance my prayer, and entertainment my god, and the loud music drowns out the pain inside, I feel the city.
No wonder I love the city. I simply love it.

But when I walk out of the city, venturing into the quiet, and accept whatever awaits my arrival, whether it is a meadow, a forest, or simply an open space, I take a quick glance at the sky, the sight in front of me pushes into…

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5 Good Things About 2K15


I’ve been writing a couple of ‘not-so-happy-posts’ now. So I decided to make this one a happy one. The thing is, New Year is coming (no news), and I get really romantic about fresh starts and new beginnings. So I try celebrating it in every little way possible.

The year-end is always my favorite time of the year. There’s looking back to the happenings of the last year and filling your mind with memories-both good and bad. There’s Christmas! I love Christmas. There’s excitement about the new year and new year resolutions (which I follow for like 3 solid days!) And then there’s my birthday! So the culmination of the year is always beautiful.  Read more

Catching up On My (Lifeless) Life

It’s been approximately 3 months since I’ve posted anything, and I feel really bad about that. It’s just that I have so much already going on that I totally forget about writing. And when I don’t write for long, I don’t feel like writing. Simple. 😛

My life has been really crazy lately. Class 11 sucks! Never before have I actually hated any session. But then, this year was intolerable. It seems all the studying I do doesn’t have any value whatsoever. Why am I suddenly wining about class 11? Because I just gave my terminal 2 exams!  Read more