That’s deep. 🙂


It was dark. The bulb glowed faintly, and was the only source of light. He walked up to the drawer, took a prolonged glance at it. The drawer held the weapon of his vengeance. After a long time,he lifted up his gaze up to face a loathing figure standing in front of him.

A reflection. 

Taking his time, he absorbed the sight lying forth. Hollow eyes, chapped lips, lean frame that indicated a severe case of malnutrition. That was all he could see.

“Too long. I have faced this ordeal long enough. My only friend, my only soul mate, turned against me.All but life was all I ever craved about, but he never understood. Why do I have to face all this? This disease is this the reason why he humiliated me in public, and left my dignity to rot? Well,if this disease is eating him up, it will consume…

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