Some quick facts about me: I’m a simple girl. I’m the “master of silence”. I love simple things- funny, considering how deep and complex my mind is. You’ll never know what I’m thinking behind my eyes. I like being alone rather than being in a bad company. I have too much going for myself to settle for less. I prefer a small intimate circle of friends. A large group is a big no for me. No matter how rude you get to me, I always know how to keep it cool (and then make you regret everything you said).

All these personality traits prove that I’m an introvert. 

I’ve often noticed that people have a hard time dealing with me because I’m a little closed off and irritable at times. So to help you understand and deal with me, I’ve put together a list of things you should know about me (and all introverts falling in my category).

Here it goes:

  1. If you’re calling me, have a topic.

This is how my conversation usually goes with the person on the other side:

“Hi”.”Really?”.”Yeah”.”Hmm”.”Okay”.”Hmm”.”Hmm”.”Yeah”.”Hmm”.”Talk to you later.”

I love my friends. I love talking to them face-to-face (few at a time). I love texting them.

But I hate the phone!

I can let the phone ring without picking up. At times, I can be very difficult to reach, and return their calls in my own sweet time, when I feel up to the exertion the phone requires for me.

First of all, I hate it when it rings. The phone doesn’t care that you’re busy or asleep or not in a mood to attend calls. The never-ending song of the phone now presents an inner debate- to answer or to ignore?

Secondly, if you’re calling to inform something- thanks, I’ll answer. Need some help? OK. Chitchat? No thanks. I find it difficult to participate in conversations on casual topics. Talking on the phone is something I don’t look forward to. It’s not because I don’t like people. It’s simply because I don’t feel like exerting myself just for the sake of talking.

Sometimes, it feels good to talk to close ones. But the majority of the time, a text message will do just fine.


  1. I notice everything.

Like most introverts, I tend to notice things that others miss. I’m good at reading people. Of course, sometimes my ability to notice what others miss becomes troublesome. I assume everyone can read in between the lines the way I do. When they obviously cannot, I wonder if I’ve just been imagining things.

But noticing allows me to change things. I can sense the discomfort a person might be going through in my company, and it allows me to leave that guy. I can find a friend who accepts me for who I am. I can make other people feel wanted. I can sense what that guy must be thinking about me. So yeah, I notice things too. 😉


  1. It’s just my face.

One of the risks of being an introvert is that other people can fill your silence with their own interpretation. You’re bored. You’re depressed. You’re shy. You’re stuck up. You’re judgmental.

When others can’t read me, they write their own story- not always one I choose or what’s true to who I am.

I might be having a wonderful time frolicking through enchanted imaginary worlds in my mind.  Perhaps, I’m simply observing a person.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’m ruthlessly judging those around me, and silently cursing them (just kidding, this is rarely the case).

People often tell me- “You should smile more often.”

Yeah, I know.

So I end up saying- “I was thinking about something else”, or, “It’s just my face.” Sigh.

  1. Parties

I may have never expressed that before, but I don’t like get-togethers. I hate parties. I hate meeting so many people at once. Such engagements exhaust me- physically as well as emotionally. Too much noise. Too many people. Too much energy. Not my thing.

Sometimes, even small gatherings are enough to make me feel uncomfortable because I’m expected to contribute to the conversation.

My favorite part is to spend time with that one person with whom I can let down my guards and share everything. I never talk to a lot of people. So, I’m not very good at being social. It’s not that I’m incapable of having social interactions, but then this skill does not come naturally to me.

But the good part is, it’s difficult to influence me. And in this way, my boundaries keep me sane.


  1. I’m perfectly fine with a small circle.

Clearly, it makes sense that if I’m horribly rotten at meeting new people, then I probably won’t have a ton of friends. Pretty simple logic. And I’m totally OK with that.

So if you’re a close friend of mine and I share stuff with you, then I love you way more than you know, and you’re fabulous! 😉


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