I love the city.

Yeah, I do. I simply love it. When I see the Sun shining through the skyscrapers, with its yellow sunbeam cutting through the blue, and paints the sky like a gay canvas, I feel the city. When I see the people venturing into something new everyday, and working their way through the day in the immense quagmire of the world, I feel the city. And when the night becomes my kingdom, dance my prayer, and entertainment my god, and the loud music drowns out the pain inside, I feel the city.
No wonder I love the city. I simply love it.

But when I walk out of the city, venturing into the quiet, and accept whatever awaits my arrival, whether it is a meadow, a forest, or simply an open space, I take a quick glance at the sky, the sight in front of me pushes into…

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