We all have days when we feel we are brave

We can sail through seas and face our worst enemies

Nothing can shut us down; no evil can get us strewn around

Because we feel strong, we feel ‘invincible’.


Equally as powerful are days when we feel we are struck midway.

We are consumed by feelings of fear; we don’t know whether this is real.

We want to crawl up in bed, and cry our heart out until the night is dead.

Like pieces of glass we feel scattered; we feel fragile, we feel shattered.


Where the empowerment and strength that coursed through our veins,

Has now left us weak, drained and in pain.

We try to remain calm, almost unemotional.

But our heart seems to be compressed, and we find ourselves struggling to gasp for air, our fears sometimes irrational.


But truth be told, it would be an illusion to expect we were constantly brave.

We cannot. And we should not.

These moments when everything seems to be taken away from us

Show us who we are and what we really want.


And in those moments of doubt

We should listen to the trepidations of our instincts

And if you find yourself in one of those situations,

Let me remind you of something.


It’s OK

To want what you can’t have

To not want it anymore once you have it

To change your mind

It’s OK

To regret. To make mistakes. To be sorry

To be tired. Tired of everything, tired of nothing.

It’s OK

To cry

To forget everything and start over again.


You will calm after a huge outburst.

Your weeps will begin to weep off and de-escalate.

You will begin to look at the world with new eyes.

And the sun will rise again tomorrow, as if nothing bad ever happened to you.

"Its ok, dont cry. I iz here for you":




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