1.   Know-It-All

Nobody likes a know it all!

I don’t like the Know-It-All category of people. Earlier I used to find this thing extremely attractive in people, but now I can barely tolerate it. In my friend circle, these ‘know-it-alls’ are always targeted and made fun of. It happens everywhere I guess. These people will be the one to say “I told you so, but you didn’t listen!”  They happen to be the worst communicators in the universe. Their transmit button is always ON, but they’re never up for receiving some signals of wisdom from others.

Some of them are seriously hard core! Before talking to them, you have to be ready with all the facts to successfully debate with them. But mostly, you just can’t afford to challenge them.

Nobody likes a know it all.

  1. Religious Gatherings

A quick fact about me: I’m NOT an atheist. I’m a normal God-loving-God-fearing person. But I honestly don’t like these religious gatherings.

For example, I’ve seen people in my locality gathering and singing all these God songs, and once they start, they’ll never stop. My neighbors do the same. All the ladies sing the devotional songs at the top of their voice, and we all at my home get frustrated! I’m sure God would never appreciate a bunch of people singing so loudly to impress him, but at the cost of disturbing their neighbor who is actually trying to study.

I believe all you need is to have faith in the good, and be positive. You don’t have to impress anyone by making it a grand ‘religious gathering-cum-party’ thing! You don’t have to show-off and prove your devotion level. But then, this mentality won’t change here. I’m sure some out of the number of people who’ll read this post of mine will get offended. But it’s OK. I too have learnt to go with the flow.

  1. Indian Daily Soaps

There are so many things I hate about Indian TV serials. I would rather say that I find them really funny. For example, on an average, the duration of each episode is around 20 minutes (excluding the ads). Now as far as I’ve observed, 10 minutes in the episode are spent in the actor and actress staring at each other. The over-dramatic background music keeps playing, and the protagonists keep staring at each other until the camera captures everything from every angle. I mean, how can someone stare so much, and that too on a regular basis! Doesn’t it get awkward for them?!

Secondly, the female protagonist is ALWAYS right! She happens to be the most selfless person in the entire universe, who can even sacrifice her husband and kids for others. Who does that! And this do-good lady always ends up getting screwed by the bad guy.

Third, the house setup in all serials is the same! The basic plot of every serial is same. It seems all directors think alike. There always has to be a rich family living in a house-slash-palace bigger than Ambani’s, and the people who live in decent 5 BHK houses always claim they are poor. The entrance gate of the house-slash-palace is always extra-large, and I’ve never observed this gate locked, even at night. People enter through this gate at night and do their stupid mischievous stuff and then jump from the window! Now can’t they just go back by the same door? 😛

English daily soaps are just the opposite, and that’s why I love them! In 20 minutes they cover up so much that I forget how it started. And then the actors  play the role of “normal people”, not gods and angels who never make mistakes! In here, the hero and heroine will just accidentally collide with each other, and people will start considering them the so-called “Made-For-Each-Other-Couple”!

These soap operas dominates every channel with rare socially relevant shows. I mean sometimes i can’t believe how much illogical stories and situations are portrayed.

  1. Curd

That would’ve come as a surprise, but I hate curd! I’m weird, I know, because according to my parents, it’s just impossible for anyone to hate curd except me.

The reason is, obviously, that I don’t like the taste. I just hate it like anything! It’s funny actually. This is the thing I hate the most in the world, but I have to drink it (or eat, I don’t know) everyday. Curd happens to be nutritious, so obviously my mom would never let me skip this thing. Now, it has become a regular torture for me. But I have my own ways of dealing with this.

I read once somewhere on the internet that when your nose is closed, you can’t taste things perfectly. I do the same. It works most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Then sometimes, I persuade my younger brother to have my part of curd, too (This happens as soon as my mother leaves the room of course). And he takes full advantage of the situation. Then we have to sit and make deals on what I would do for him provided he helps me out with the curd. But now-a-days, this infection has spread, and now my brother too has started to dislike curd.

In short, this curd has become a daily tension for me.

  1. Mediocrity

I hate this concept of mediocrity. Let me explain myself, in case you have any doubts as to what I may be referring to.

This negative feeling I have is directed towards people who think limited and act small, those who don’t dare, don’t dream and don’t challenge. It’s about those happy in a status-quo that doesn’t make them push any boundary.

The only fault to being a visionary though is that you are exposed to greater risks. Think of water: the deeper you dive into the ocean, more is the risk of drowning. Staying ashore is safe, but you don’t enjoy the experience of losing yourself in the crystals of blue water.

So, think about this for a second: where do you see yourself at the beach?

I don’t like a middle way here. I think either you do something or you don’t. You are either made for challenges or not. Either a visionary or not.


Are you fighting waves or building sand castles?

One of our favorite quotes from the Emmys Awards. #31bits #bitsquotes



2 thoughts on “5 Things I Don’t Like

  1. Yukta, you have company in Sheen. She also hates curd like anything. Good to know that we have two outliers in our family 🙂


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