Frenetic, mad, hectic, sporadic and frantic: all words that could be used to sum up life over the last few months. Let’s also throw in chaotic, confused, but also exciting when all’s said and done. I do like a challenge. May I explain where I’ve been so that we’re all up to date again?

So I had my final exams which stretched over the last two months. Then, I completed an online biology course from Adelaide University, Australia. I got a high grade and will be finally receiving its certificate in a week or two. I actually had to juggle with these two things at the same time. It was draining, but I’m glad that I was able to perform my best in both the fields. I have signed up for more courses, but let’s see how many of them will I be able to carry to completion. 

After 2 months of rigorous studies, I’m exhausted. I feel like taking a short break. I want to escape from all mundane worries and travel a bit. I want to try something new; do something I always wanted to do, but never had the courage or time.

Perhaps this is the last period of my student life to enjoy as much as I can, without any worries, without any homework, without any examinations. The next two years are going to define my career, my life. I don’t know whether I’ll ever gain a significant amount of spare time over the next two years. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to write.

I’m not afraid or burdened, but excited! These series of bad times and hard experiences will actually prepare me for good times! Over the next two years, I’ll be able to prove my competence and know-how. Life’s going to be tough, but what’s life without a few dragons.

So, what can I do? I’m clutching the handle bar on the roller coaster really tight. I’m allowing myself to feel the adrenaline, and I’ll allow myself to scream when it takes me rushing down low drops and through bizarre curves and twirls ; but I am not closing my eyes. I’m far too curious, and far too much of a woman, to want to miss any of it.

Oh dear! Deep breaths!

So, goodbye class 10! Will always miss you!



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