I don’t like watching emotional movies, because I’m afraid I’ll cry! I happen to be an emotional kind of girl, and whenever you find any person on the screen crying, you’ll definitely find me too pouring my eyes out for his grief.

Recently, I read “Fault in our stars”, and I had to keep a box of tissues close-at-hand! I loved the book, but I didn’t like crying for it. What I mean to say is that after reading the book, I couldn’t get rid of thoughts that were flooding in my mind regarding its emotional climax. Its heart wrenching ending was not something I had expected. I liked everything about Gus, the male protagonist of the story- his wit, his charisma, his metaphors. I was completely emotionally invested in the story, and the characters stole my heart. But in the end Gus died (sorry for the spoiler), and it was devastating! At that moment, I felt it was completely unjustified. Why did Gus die! He should’ve recovered and both Hazel and Gus should’ve lived happily ever after… and I couldn’t get out of this why-did-this-happen zone for days. They ought to have written a warning on the book saying “This book will cause severe heart annihilation and soul smashing. Proceed with caution.”

I wanted the story to have a different ending, a happy ending.

‘Happily ever after…’

This is the thing I love the most about fairy tales. There’s something I’ve always found fascinating about fairy tales and all related stories: they’re all reminders that life can be fantastic, as long as you want to make it so. 

In my childhood days, reading Cinderella and Snow white would give me immense peace of mind. I used to be convinced that life can’t be too atrocious on anyone and that everyone’s book about his/her life must have a gratified epilogue. Reading those fairy tales would arouse my vital spark and inspire me to think that my life too would have a happy ending. And I believe that for me, staying in the bubble of transitory and mortal hope keeps me going even when the going gets tough!

At some point, we all question ourselves about destiny. Do we really believe in predetermined order of things? Are we all puppets on strings? Is there some higher consciousness which is controlling our actions? Is freedom of the will an illusion?

We don’t know what future has in store for us. But believing that eventually all the pieces will fall into place is enough to make us through the toughest of circumstances. Hoping that we’ll be able to connect the dots when we’ll think about these times in future and that our story too would have a happy ending will definitely lift our spirits during times of rotten luck, isn’t it? Until then, why not laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and believe that everything happens for a reason.

So here am I writing a post about happy endings at the ending of the year!

2014 has been a great year for me, both academically and personally. My school life was great this year, probably the best one in so many years. I received a ‘Scholar Blazer’ which is quite different from other normal blazers. And it feels great to be the odd one out among so many students, and appreciation from teachers and parents is also encouraging! Also this year, I involved myself in things other than just academics, like art and craft. Other highlights have been an interactive session with His Holiness Dalai Lama, great rank in International English Olympiad, trip to a jungle with friends, visiting Buddh International Circuit with friends, and so much more.

Every year, December 30 marks the grand culmination of the year (because it’s my birth day), and this year too I hope I’ll be able to celebrate a happy ending of 2014.

Until then,

Wishing you a Happy New Year in advance!



11 thoughts on “Happy Ending!

  1. That snowman made me day. But no really it was your words. You were asking all these questions along the way and I was thinking “yes, absolutely, uh-huh, wow I really ask myself philosophical questions too often”….Loved this post 🙂


  2. Congratulations on receiving “Scholar Blazer”. Everyone here at Bangalore are not surprised at your feat(s). Keep up the great work. And happy blogging 🙂


    1. Hiii Ma’am! I’m doing good. Felt so happy to hear from you.
      How are you? I checked out your FB profile few weeks back and found out that you are in UAE. Why did you leave me? Now I’m missing you.. 😛
      Still, have a happy life. 🙂 I’ll try to stay connected with you through blogs. UAE must be such a great place to live in!


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