Good bye exams!

It’s been approximately a week since the exams have been over. I’ve been really enjoying this week after a long time. These days I am totally free, which comes once in a blue moon!

Having to study for exams can be nerve-racking and trying. Your body drives in to a mode of semi-not far from-out-and-out-panic, which gradually but inevitably develops by the passing days.

When you work hard, you understand that time is as short as the wink of an eye, and that the 10 hours you are supposed to study are simply not enough for you.

At this time, you become more and more sleepy, but you avoid sleeping. As in my case, whenever I feel sleepy, I set an alarm of just 5 mins, which obviously isn’t enough, because I can’t throw away the inestimable gift of time in horrible laziness. I feel like sleeping is more of a waste of time, and I might’ve been up better stuffing my mind with a few more questions. So at this time, you need a cup of coffee to keep your eyes open. It’s all about being focused and zoomed in and avoiding procrastination as much as possible.

You generally feel that despite how hard you work, you are not doing enough and others are doing a better job than you do. It all happened with me too, and the only way I could realize the worth of my efforts was by talking to friends and actually getting a feel of what the general exam stress-feeling-attitude was.

Added to all these stuffs are the expectations from parents and teachers. When you are consistent in studies and academically good, you are always under the burden of doing better to prove yourself, or at least maintaining that consistency.

It sometimes happens that the output you get is not worth the input by you. I had studied like anything for Maths, and casually for language papers, but just the opposite happened. My language paper went spectacular, but Maths was the worst! I had weared myself out during the Maths paper, but I was really disheartened by my performance. It happened with everyone, coz teachers said that nobody got A1.

So yeah, it was a tough time during exams, but now I’m free!!! 😀  Probably after a week, the schools would reopen. I would have a tough year ahead, coz it’s my 10th, but I feel ready. This year, I would really try my best to study side by side so that I don’t over-burden myself at the eleventh hour. I would not limit my studies to just school syllabus, but beyond.

Until then, I’m most looking forward to some late-in mornings, shopping, movies, reading novels, watching my fave T.V shows (Big Bang Theory being my favourite.!) a bit studying and some catching up with friends. 😀


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