We live in a fast moving world, where everything becomes a competition, where “life is a race” and where everyone is busy with their own lives. Like pieces of chess, we are all engaged in victory and defeat. I have observed that we all go with the flow, and in this process, we forget to laugh, to stay happy, to smile or to bring a smile on someone else’s face. We are not able to spend time with ourselves, let alone spend time with the rest.

From the last so many days, I’ve been enjoying “simple” things in life. We all crave for those kinds of moments in our busy lives, wherein our hectic schedule always gets in the way. By “simple” things, I mean family and friends. Quite simple, isn’t it? But the irony is that most of us have these simple things with us, yet we don’t appreciate them, and don’t value the moments we spend with them.

Question on the table, “Why”? Why is it that that the simplest things are the hardest to commit? I feel, that because of the increasing delusion of “future time” we are adding to our dictionary increasingly each day, we lose track of our present. “I’ll do that”, “I’ll come there”, “I’ll definitely meet you”, and so on… We make promises, with an idea that we’ll accomplish them in near future. But then, we tend to postpone them again and again, because we think that they’ve now become less important.

So, a time comes in our lives when promises can be delayed, and most of the time we are never even bothered to get there. We no more understand what simplicity is, and we are unaware of what it can bring to us. We forget to say “Thank you”, “I like you” and so on…These little words of simplicity actually speak a lot about a person whom you may not even know.

While rushing with each day, we tend to forget to live the moment. Present is something which we mostly forget about. A smile, simple thanks, or a simple help is more than enough. These simple things can really bring a lot to a person. These simple deeds are made up of true feelings and emotions, and can last forever.

We forget to appreciate what we have. We forget to appreciate the presence of our loved ones.

It’s true that whatever we are going through, at the end of the day, our family is still with us, and we begin to see things from a brighter perspective. Major problem arises when we forget about them and put them at the second place, and work becomes our first priority.

I think whatever we choose, career or family, the most important part is not to lose your own self. To make little islands for those simple things and to let them step in so that they can set up a balance between what is really important and what we think is important.

Have you ever given much thought to the word, simplicity, other than relating it to the little things, those being easy to understand or do? There is simplicity of the world around us, simplicity of the moment, simplicity of thought, simplicity of actions, simplicity of trust, simplicity of values, simplicity of character, simplicity of respect, simplicity of generosity, and so on. None of these are hard to achieve. All reign within the realm of beauty, simple beauty, beauty of heart, mind, and soul.

The mindset of beauty, its purity & clarity, forms the simplicity of elegance. To be elegant does not necessarily demand gaudiness for beauty is found in the humblest of things – beauty of a smile, beauty of wiping a single tear, beauty within the aroma of a freshly cut rose, beauty within the embers of a campfire.

 To conclude in a more positive way, I believe that once we realize the importance of simplicity and how much it can provide, then we feel the real touch of life, we see the real colours of life. Memories merely become “things”, because we are surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Yes, I do think we can play the simple way around, if we truly want it.


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