Death is something which haunts all of us. It’s something we would not like to think about. It’s dark, gloomy, scary, troglodyte and cold…

I had once seen a documentary. It was not such a nice experience, honestly. It was a scene of a hospital. There was a man lying on the hospital bed in an unconscious state. Apart from the shallow breathing, there was no sign of life in him.  There was no one by his bedside. I felt a lot of empathy for the man.  I felt like being there for him. Perhaps, it was the perception that everyone had given up on him. The doctor was busy providing him drugs and oxygen and trying to figure out what the problem was. I couldn’t help but think about his life. Where are his family, friends and relatives? Why is there nobody with him at such a desperate moment of his life? He was literally hanging on to life by a thread, and no one cared?

Every time that man showed some movement, it encouraged me, as though it was really happening in front of my eyes.

But, I wish I could tell that this story had a happy ending. I wish I could tell you that he got better. I wish I could tell you that he got another chance. Although it was just a documentary, but it created a deep imprint in my mind…

I was unable to sleep that night. My mind began to wander. I kept on thinking about strange things. Many people die. If they had known that today was the last day of their lives, how would they have spent it? What would they have done in those last few priceless moments? And from time to time, I again thought of that man, who didn’t even have his family by his side in those last minutes of his life…

It actually gave me a lesson that day- living each day like it’s your last. Yeah, I had heard this saying a lot of times before, but I never gave it a thought. That experience forced me to think about my priorities. It forced me to stop thinking about things that wasted my time and energy, and to concentrate on things and people who are really important in my life. It forced me to suck the life out of every moment, and to treasure every second.

I believe that living each day to the fullest is not about living in the fear of death, but it’s about grabbing every opportunity and leaving no scope of regret.  It’s about not procrastinating or playing a waiting game. It’s about doing today what you usually put-off till tomorrow.

I had once come across a quote- “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Life your life in such a way that when you die,  the world cries and you rejoice.” It’s living your life so that when your time comes to go, someone will care and someone will say their life is different and their life is better…because YOU were there.

I was born on December 30, 1998. I do not know the date when I will die. But, I would like to live that small dash between my birth date and my death, which is going to determine my quality of life. This imperceptible and Lilliputian sized line is often glossed over, yet it’s worth so much.

Another day, on Discovery channel, I came to know about a tornado which had ripped though a city. The houses were turned into splinters. Personal belongings were strewn about and became unrecognizable. I can’t find words to explain those conditions. After seeing that particular video, I got afraid. I began to think weird things. These natural phenomena can happen anywhere without warning. These unforeseen circumstances are beyond one’s control. God forbid, but if it happens here too, then what would happen? What would I do? No, maybe I should not even think of that!!! It once again gave me a lesson- that life can change in a heartbeat.

I don’t want to survive. I want to live. I want to live life to the fullest. I have seen people getting tensed on the smallest of issues, but I don’t want those small and insignificant things to bother me. What really matters to me are what my close ones think about me. Problems come and go, they are a part of life, but I can’t let them occupy my entire mind. I want to do things which really make me happy- like writing. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with my family. I want to always be in company of good and optimistic people. I want to laugh uncontrollably with my friends and literally fall on the ground. People around us would think we’re mad!!! But who cares??? Life’s not about wasting time thinking what that ‘xyz’ fellow thinks about you.

I want to make each day of mine unique, and totally different from others. I want to be as adventurous as I can. I want to be experience everything, and travel the world. I’m around 15 and have my whole life ahead, and I’m sure I’ll definitely make it. I want all of my moments to be so great that I hear my heartbeats into my ears. I want to see my dreams coming true, and that too with my own two hands…

 I believe that it’s prudent to recognize the important things in life. Material possessions are not important.  It does not matter how much we own- the cars, the house, the cash… what matters is how we love and live the dash of our lives…



4 thoughts on “24 Hours To Live..!!!

  1. I’ve been thinking for quite some time what to write in my comment (and I definitely wanted to leave one), but somehow I can’t find the right words, and I don’t want to use just some mediocre ones. So I’ll just say this: You are a truly special person. I’m looking forward to see how your life unfolds 🙂 Take care and don’t stop writing 😉


  2. Great thought Ma’am.

    “I believe that living each day to the fullest is not about living in the fear of death, but it’s about grabbing every opportunity and leaving no scope of regret. It’s about not procrastinating or playing a waiting game. It’s about doing today what you usually put-off till tomorrow.”


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