There are a few simple truths about life, and one of them is the fact is life is difficult, life is tough…

Each one of us wants to live a perfect, happy and blissful life. We want that great job and get married to our Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect.  We want to have friends who would always cling like ivy to us come what may. We all want to be rich and prosperous and have all those comforts other material things life has to offer.

We all want to be happy. Each one of us would have different definitions of a good life. Some may consider lives good if they have three meals a day and a roof over their head. Some may want to have a huge mansion and huge amount of hard cash in their bank accounts.

We all want to have a stress-free life, a life wherein we get everything without working hard and struggling too much. Nobody likes to struggle all through their lives.

At times, we feel that life is not fair. To be honest, I’m a kind of girl who would cry “It’s not fair” 100 times at the slightest bit of inequality between myself and those around me. I don’t know, but I just can’t tolerate it.

A time comes in your life when you finally realize this. When, in the midst of your cold feet and psychopathy, you suddenly break off on your trackway, and a voice inside you cries “THAT’S IT” Enough is enough!!! Enough fighting, crying and struggling!!!  And then, like a child calming down after a huge outburst, your weeps begin to ease off and de-escalate, you blink faster and faster to bring back your tears and you begin to look at the world with new eyes. This is when you wake up and gain consciousness. It’s when you realize that it’s time to stop hoping and expecting too much, to stop waiting for a change or hoping for happiness, or for someone to make your life better.

You realize that in the real world, not all stories have happy endings. Not all of us are destined to be the protagonists of the fairy tales we read, be it Cindrella or prince charming. There is no guarantee that we live “happily ever after”, and in this process, we learn to “accept”.

You realize that you are not always perfect. You are not always lucky to be loved by all. Not everyone will appreciate you of what you do. You get used to with this, and you feel it’s OK. You instead start praising and loving yourself, and in the process, confidence of self-approval is born. You stop jumping down on one’s throat for things they did or didn’t do for you. You realize that not everyone will be there for you, and you stand on your own instead. You learn to take care of yourself.  In the process, you become self-reliant. You stop cursing and pointing fingers, and you accept them the way they are.

But, I believe that it’s OK. This is what life is. That’s what being human is all about. Life is hard, accept that. And once you do, you will realize that it’s common to all. You will accept it as a part of your life. You are human. You are not perfect, just like everybody else.

It’s harsh but true that if everyone is special, then no one is special. The last resort which remains with us is to accept the truth and move with our lives.

It’s said that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Ultimately, it’s YOU who’s got to make your life better.



4 thoughts on “Life is but a Can of Worms…

  1. Oh dear, kya hua? I hope nothing serious and this is just one of the black stripes of “the zebra of life”… Beautiful post though. Were you always so wise or did it happen gradually? (not kidding)

    As for me, I never compare. Everybody has their own path in life they have to go through. Every time I’m tempted to compare myself to somebody I ask myself whether I really want to be “that person”. Suddenly, I see that they have other different problems in life and that I’m actually happier with mine 🙂 And if I see that I do want this particular thing the other person has I just work harder to get it, without asking myself whether it is fair or not another person has it. What other people do or have doesn’t matter. It matters what you do and who you are 🙂

    I wish you get one of those white stripes in life soon 🙂

    By the way, if life gives you lemons another option is to throw them back and ask for chocolate 😉


    1. Oh God, I never knew that you know Hindi…I had written it long back but never completed it. Since I was free since morning, I thought of completing it… Nothing that serious…By the way, thanx for the compliment.. It really means a lot to me…and I literally read your last line 10 times!!! 😉


      1. Ah, all good then 🙂
        Well, saying I “know” Hindi would be a huge exaggeration 😀 Let’s say I know enough Urdu to be able to maintain a small talk for at least 10 minutes 🙂 And of course I have my favorite phrases that I use all the time when I speak English. Like “to ye suratehal hai, jinab” 🙂


  2. I agree with Gill… It feels after reading the post that you have hit a great low… I know there is nothing like that… But it doesn’t take away the fact that it is very well – written.. and is somewhat the mirror of life… 🙂


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