‘It starts with a quivering lip. Or maybe blinking faster and faster to keep the wetness from escaping.’

Why is it that we cry?  Letting fall tears is a regulatory mechanism that helps us reset the balance of our emotions, our feelings. How fascinating nature is… isn’t it? Always keeps its eyes peeled… vigilant and sensible enough to amalgamate into our body a meticulously invented device which enables us to express our emotions…

We automatically ally tears with heavy hearts, anguish, grief and pain related feelings.

I remember I was in class 1st and I had to recite a poem on a microphone at Independence Day celebrations in school. The moment I started speaking and heard my voice amplified, I froze and got timid. However, I did carry on with red eyes and wet cheeks.

I even remember going to a fair with my dad during my childhood days. I was so engrossed in seeing the various varieties of swings that later on I found myself lost in that crowded area. I did invite the eyes of all the people by crying at the top of my voice. Bless…!!!

I even remember going by a public bus with my dad. Seeing the overflowing and jam-packed population of the bus, I started crying, thinking that I would never make it to the door, and I would never get down the bus. Weird??? I know!!!

Few weeks back, I had my Maths exam, and the memories of that day haunt me even today. The paper went so bad that even at home, something or the other reminded me of the test, and after every 10 minutes, I had those whims of crying and torrent of tears on my cheeks…

We cry of sadness. We cry when we let go our childhood sweetheart. We shed tears to be pardoned and be welcomed home. We pour our hearts out to admit our mistakes and confess what we feel. We cry because we fear. We cry when we break out in a sweat. We become anxious because we foresee a change; we anticipate the unknown and we have no clue as to where to go.  We cry when we suddenly notice a flashback token around us and miss someone, be it our pillow, a song, a place and so on… We cry when we lose someone, someone very great, someone very exceptional… We cry when we miss our mother’s warm hugs and heart-touching words. We cry because we feel dependent, weak-kneed and wishy-washy . We cry when we feel completely torn up. We cry because at times we feel too nervous…and lastly, we cry simply because we miss it.

At times, we feel that our tears are high-priced, being worth weight in gold. We sometimes feel that the people who love us, have affection for us, lose their heart to us and think the world of us would never make us cry. They will always look upon us the way we deserve.

We often get knee-deep in quarrels and arguments. But once you get through a few of them, you get immune, and you realize that nothing has changed, and the sun still rises in the morning and your family and friends are still there.

We often consider tears as a sign of weakness. I would like to raise a simple question. Does that really matter? Is it always important for us to judge others by their level of strength or weaknesses? We all have this atrocious instinct and know-how to see decrepitude, incompetence, misfortune and bitter pill in others that somehow makes us stronger…

We all cry. For just about every reason we can find. But most of us cannot see the power this simple act holds: we cry because we feel. Tears, I guess, proves we are humans.

I believe that we must not be scared stiff to cry. We must not be faint-hearted to show our emotions. However, we must be narcissistic and selfish with our tears. We all are capable to take any downfall, humiliation or defeat. We must have faith in our ability to regenerate.

It is said then when life offers you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile. So if you didn’t smile since morning, smile after reading this post, and I hope that’s helpful…



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