Sometimes, it’s scary when dreams come true… At some level, we are all afraid of change…

Strange thing to say, you may well think. How can the realisation of a dream be scary? We all hope, pray, wish, live for our dreams to come true; how can a dream becoming reality be scary? I have seen various people with their right hand weighed down by more than six rings, their left wrist a mountain of red threads and sacred wisps of material.

Success can indeed turn you into a coward, it seems… And fulfilled dreams can be scary! The more you enjoy the trappings of success, the more you fear losing what you have, and this is what creates the fear. Experience tells us that we can neither hang onto happiness nor grief; fortune nor misfortune, neither success nor failure. One follows the other and there’s nothing we can do to hold onto either, no matter how many rings we wear or threads we tie round our wrists.

And so, we argue, why strive for something you are bound to lose? In fact, some of us have such a deep unconscious fear of doing well that we work our way up the ladder and then deny ourselves the pleasure of the last step into success.

People have a tendency to fall apart at the critical stage just when the fulfillment of a dream seems within reach. Things start going wrong suddenly; they either cannot perform as well as earlier, or start having personality based issues or getting nervous or careless at inopportune moments, thus fulfilling their self-destructive prophecies. One may dismiss this as misfortune or bad luck, but experts tend to look at such incidents as self-destructive behaviour emanating from a deep-rooted fear of success.

So there is perhaps more fun in working your way towards success rather than in the goal itself! People fear that success may cost them their relationships, their peace of mind or even the right to dream further; it may make them the target of envy, hatred and vengeance.

That may or may not happen. But nobody who is afraid of achieving their dreams is likely to dream big, nobody afraid of success will set their goals high. And so sadly, all such people are likely to achieve much less in life than they are capable of. And so, you give a chance to those who are less capable to step across you and make it big…



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