Did you know that if a thermometer breaks, the toxic Mercury it contains will escape in the air making it impossible to gather back? The image of this substance’s ghost would hunt me down most of the times I’d be sat in bed shivering and feverish. But however scary, this image fascinates me.

If it happens to escape the glass container, Mercury would float freely, would be unstoppable, it would take any direction and drift in the air following its own track. This utter freedom is what makes me wonder, this untamed nature, this roaring spirit, this savage genie.

But aren’t we all like that?

Don’t we all posses an undomesticated sense of independence? Aren’t we just as volatile as this chemical component when we break out of our little glass cage? The moment we shatter timidity and take the courage to speak out loud and be who we want to be we become as unstoppable as the wind. It’s the moment we realise we can be the strongest we’ve ever been.

Every action and interaction we have with the people surrounding us affect us in a way or another. It’s not until we realise the dimension of these consequences that we can filter our dearest ones. But no matter who is next to us, parent, sibling, friend, lover, they should never try to impose themselves on us, contain us, become our glass cage. Because when we shatter that glass into pieces, it will make a sound, it will be painful and messy, and we might just not bother to pick up the pieces, leaving them behind just to remind us of whom not to become again.

Despite our weaknesses, our mind and spirit cannot be physically encaged. No one can imprison our thoughts. And if these thoughts are in perfect harmony with our actions, then we unleash a well of energy and courage that unblocks our potential to be better and better every second. And if not better, at least genuine.

“Be yourself – everyone else is taken”



2 thoughts on “Broken Glass…

  1. Yukta… You have just swayed me with ur writings.. Infact i REALLY need to learn from you..! And i really feel blessed to meet a person like you.. Despite our age gap I can see a common connection that we share! God Bless!


    1. Ma’am, I started writing because I was really inspired by your blogs… You are my one and only inspiration for this… And my blogs are nothing as compared to yours… Thank you so much…!!!


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