I was in class 3 in my previous school when a trip to Jaipur from Delhi was organized for our class. We were supposed to go by air and return by a train. I was somehow granted permission by my father to go.
At nearly 5:00 a.m., I reached the airport with all my friends waiting for me eagerly. At around 6:30 a.m., we boarded the flight. We were made to sit randomly with any person. I sat with this girl whose name was Sherin Simon. We were from the same school, but we had not been known to each other. She was quite experienced in terms of travelling by air, while it was for the first I was to go by a plane. I was quite nervous in the beginning but soon, she made me comfortable. We introduced ourselves to each other and soon, we learnt that we both were from different religions. She was a Christian and I was a Hindu. I got really excited as I was eager to know something about Christians and soon I came to know that she too was eager like me to know about Hinduism. We started discussing the festivals of each other’s religion quietly.
Since my childhood, I had a keen interest in Christmas and Santa Claus, but I never got a chance to receive gifts from him. Sherin shared her experience about Christmas and I felt quite excited. She even sang some Christmas carols to me. When I started telling about Hindu festivals, then to my surprise, I learnt that her family celebrated almost all the festivals, irrespective of religion. This was a good thing I learnt from her. We started discussing our ways of celebrating festivals like Holi and Diwali.
After around half-an-hour or so, when our plane was landing, then out of foolishness, I suddenly started shouting, thinking that the plane was crashing, to which Sherin started laughing madly. When I realized my foolishness, it was too late as I had already invited attention of all except the cabin crew. By the time, we had become good friends.
In Jaipur, we were taken to a shopping complex. I bought 2 idols of Ganeshji and gave one to her. She bought two dove birds and gave one to me as a symbol of friendship. In our way back to hotel, in the bus, I sat with her and I shared toffees. She had brought chocolate cake and it was really delicious. It was home-made and I ate half of it.
On returning back to Delhi, we came back by a train. The train got too chilled from inside. I managed to wear a sweater but soon realized that Sherin too was feeling cold. I had an extra sweater in my bag, so I offered it to her. Soon, we both felt exhausted and our eyes started closing without our control. I kept my head on her shoulder and she kept her head with my head and we slept. I still remember her innocence of that night.
After reaching the station, I found my dad waiting for me and to my great surprise the person standing along with my Dad happened to be Sherin’s dad. It was one of the best, memorable and sweet coincidences that I had ever experienced. Sherin greeted my dad and I greeted her dad. She offered me my sweater back to which I said that she could return it in the school the next day. Unexpectedly, we had grown so fond of each other that we almost wept before parting away. And from that day onwards, the journey of our friendship started…


5 thoughts on “A Friend Is A Gift You Give To Yourself…

    1. Hi Prashansa.. Yes I’m the same Yukta. 😀 I got so excited reading your comment! Thanks for stopping by.
      I checked out your FB profile.. you really look soo pretty!
      Are you in the same school? How is life going on..?

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      1. Ohh Thank god 🙂
        i was tired of searching you everywhere..u look pretty too 🙂 i saw you on meritnation :p but i couldnt contact you there..it’s been a week since i was regularly searching for you on fb and all and today i thought to search you on google..and look i found you ^_^ I am glad.Can we talk personally? I am excited to tell you the whole story :p


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