On 2017

I always think of New Year’s Eve as a unique kind of magic where the past and the future exist at once in the present. And as we countdown to it, we’re sharing the burden of our past and committing to the promise of future. That’s the beauty of the year-end. And to celebrate it in my own little way (like I do every year), here goes this post. Hope you’ll be able to bear it until the end. 😊
As the new year is about to begin, it’s about time that we reflect where we are and where all can we be, and slow things down. It’s time that we look back on the happenings of the year and fill our mind with memories- both good and bad. It’s important that we acknowledge all the lessons that we learned in the past year. So here goes my list: Read more

The Unsung Hero

NOVEMBER 10, 1938 – Vienna, Austria

9:30 a.m.

“Do it! It’s what we’ve all been commanded to do, isn’t it? So go on. Pull the trigger!” Shouts a stormtrooper proudly, clad in brown shirt and black pants with black boots reaching up to his knees, flaunting the Nazi’s swastika symbol on a red band worn on his left arm. The troopers are spread across the entire area. Something’s about to happen. And in a split second, another trooper pulls the trigger, and the bullet hits the window pane of a Jewish owned shop, shattering the glass into a million pieces. And something inside me says that life will never be normal again. Read more

Change of Heart


“What’s up, Mom?” I ask, sensing something horribly wrong in her voice over the phone like she might’ve just had a breakdown.

“Meera..your.. your.. dad..” she stammers and begins to cry.

“Mom, stop crying! What happened?” She doesn’t stop. Chills run down my spine.

“Your dad is admitted here in City Center Hospital. Come here as quickly as possible,” she speaks up after crying for about a minute.

“Mom, why? What happened? Is everything-”, she disconnects. Read more